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Grant Writing
Grant Writing

Our Philosophy
The Center is firmly committed to the notion of fund development rather than fundraising. The Center believes that organizations must develop a Resource Plan based upon the organization’s plan of work. The Resource Plan will help the organization determine funding priorities and offer a plan to pursue funding.

Our Services
The Center offers a number of Fund Development services that can be customized to an individual client’s needs. Services include:

  • Resource Plan development
  • Funding Research
  • Grant Writing
  • Grant Writing Workshops
"The Alpha Multipurpose Center, Inc. and the Center have shared a professional partnership for years. This relationship is one of support and a level of high professionalism. This support was demonstrated by the Center’s collection of data and writing grants to serve at-risk students in our community."

Oliver Greene
Alpha Multipurpose Center, Inc.
LaGrange, GA

Our Principles
The Center adheres to the Statement of Ethical Principles adopted in 1991 by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP). This Statement sets standards for fundraising professionals in four areas:

  • Professional Obligations - ensure that fundraisers don’t engage in activities that could harm the organization, clients, or profession. In addition, fundraisers are expected to avoid real or perceived conflicts of interest.
  • Solicitation and Use of Charitable Funders - ensure that solicitation materials, proposals, etc. are accurate.
  • Presentation of Information - ensure that confidential or privileged information is not disclosed to unauthorized parties.
  • Compensation- ensure that members do not accept compensation based on a percentage of charitable contributions or accept finder’s fees.