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Surveys and Information Gathering

Surveys and Information Gathering The Center has over a decade of experience developing valid survey instruments that gather reliable and useful information. The most important aspect of any type of survey is the design of the questions. Questions must be targeted toward the correct respondent and provide valuable information for the organization. From market research to customer satisfaction, the Center has the expertise and resources to guide the process to a successful outcome. We have the capability to target your surveys to homes, businesses, or to internal constituents of your organization. We have the capacity to use multiple distribution formats for your survey including email, web based, telephone, or traditional paper surveys. Our customers have access to a team of experts whose ultimate goal is satisfaction.

"This team of professionals knows the business: from questionnaire design and fieldwork to coding and analysis. What's more, they understand their clients and their needs. We felt like partners in research, not just numbers. The Center is now on our "A" list for work anywhere we go."

Larry L. Eastland, Ph. D.
Great American Family Parks, Inc.